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DeltaERP: Workflow Approvals

Have you seen a green (Workflow approvals) button on your menu bar? This button indicates if there are any Workflow approvals for you to action. If the button is green, you have no pending approvals. If the button is red, it means you have Workflow approvals that need to be actioned. For more detailed information, contact us at [email protected]

DeltaERP: Owner of a PM Asset

We have now added the option to identify the OWNER of the asset. All you need to do is setup your own list of owners in the PM Master File maintenance application, and link an asset to the relevant owner. If you are interested in this functionality, contact us at [email protected]

DeltaERP: Compulsory Documentation Upload!

The existing DocVault functionality is a very special and unique feature of DeltaERP. This allows users to upload or scan in ANY document relating to a business process or activity and in many selected applications.
It is also possible to enforce the upload of documents, as a precondition for selected transactions.Currently the optional enforcement of document upload is available in:
  • e-Req Capture
  • Item Master
  • Supplier Master
  • Invoice Matching
For more information, contact us at [email protected]

DeltaERP: Approving Suppliers for Payment!

Are you utilising all the available features and benefits of our Supplier Reconciliation application?
Our Supplier Reconciliation has many special features:
  • One such feature is the restriction to pay only suppliers with a balanced reconciliation and subsequent approval for payment
  • This restriction can be switched on per Supplier Class and now per processing Company
  • A further new feature allows the Recon Clerk to capture recon lines as comments. These lines will have zero recon value.
  • Together with the various other advanced features, allows for extensive controls over supplier payments
For more information, contact us at [email protected]

DeltaERP: Contract Maintenance!

Would you need to split supply of a contracted item between different suppliers?
  • Setup multiple contracts for each selected item with split % allocations per contract.
  • When an MRP order is generated (Recommended Requisition Edit), the required quantities will automatically split between the allocated contracts.
  • As this functionality is parameter driven, please give us a call to activate this enhancement.
  • Another example of meeting our valuable clients needs!
For more information, contact us at [email protected]
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